Everything You Need to Know About 2025 Ford Edge

2025 Ford Edge – According to recent reports, the Ford Edge 2025 could be the next-generation vehicle. The second generation was released in 2015, and the 2025MY is expected to be significantly improved. The 2022 Ford Edge, interestingly, already features some changes, including a larger infotainment touchscreen.

Everything You Need to Know About 2025 Ford Edge


In a year’s time, the new Edge should have undergone significant alterations. New exterior, interior, and powertrain options are available. We’ll have to wait for formal news from the Blue Oval, unfortunately. The new Ford Edge will hit the market next summer, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

2025 Ford Edge Exterior and Interior

The new Ford Edge 2025 has undergone a comprehensive facelift. Just as the next-generation model is about to hit the market. Edge will continue to be a sleek, modern SUV with a lot to offer. Edge’s exterior will be updated in the near future. With new headlights, the front fascia has been completely overhauled. The grille is also new and beautiful. In addition, a new platform is in the works. Edge will most certainly expand in size, but not significantly. The goal is to create a vehicle that is wider and more stable. We can also expect new wheels and paint jobs. Lithium Gray and Carbonized Gray were introduced in the 2020MY. More color possibilities will be available in the Edge 2025, while some current paints will stay available.

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2025 Ford Edge Exterior


A few key changes will be made to the interior of the Ford Edge in 2025. Edge will remain a 5-seat SUV despite its new architecture and expanded size. All passengers, though, will benefit from the added shoulder room. Edge will continue to provide high-quality materials and a comfortable fit. We don’t yet know about all of the cabin changes.

2025 Ford Edge Interior

Ford will almost certainly update the inside design. The 2022MY will also include a 12-inch infotainment screen. We don’t expect this item to have any larger screens. New interior color schemes and equipment are on the way, in any case.

2025 Ford Edge and Edge ST Engine Specs

The powertrain lineup for the 2025 Ford Edge will remain same. First and foremost, a 250 horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is once again standard. The results of this front-wheel-drive engine are astounding. However, if you require more power, the Ford Edge ST is the vehicle for you.

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2025 Ford Edge Engine

A 2.7-liter V6 gasoline engine powers this model. It will have 335 horsepower and all-wheel drive as standard. The ST has paddle shifters, although both engines use an 8-speed automatic transmission. The Edge Hybrid model is still a work in progress. According to reports, this vehicle will have a larger hybrid system than the Escape Hybrid. This translates to more power but lower fuel economy than the Escape model.

2025 Ford Edge Release Date and Price

The price of the next Ford Edge in 2025 will be around $34,000. Ford intends to debut its new SUV in September. More information, including the hybrid version of the Edge SUV, has yet to be revealed by the company. Interestingly, there have been a few speculations about the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus models being phased out of production. Of course, this is not going to happen.

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