The New 2025 Infiniti QX50: Review, Features and Prices

Hello and welcome to our simple blog, Today we will review the upcoming version of the QX50. The 2025 QX50, Infiniti’s entry-level SUV, will receive a number of improvements. Wireless Apple CarPlay and the ProPilot Assist feature will be standard across the QX50 lineup, according to the company. Rear passengers will also benefit from a few more little tweaks. The Infiniti QX50 will undergo the following modifications for 2025.

The New 2025 Infiniti QX50

Features that make life easier have been included.

The QX50, like all other Infiniti automobiles, will get wireless Apple CarPlay compatibility in 2025. In order to use Android Auto, Android users will still need to connect their phones via USB.

As one of the segment’s roomier vehicles, the QX50 accommodates passengers of all heights with ease. To be expected, the QX50 makes life even easier for your traveling buddies, given how much attention Infiniti has dedicated to the back seat passengers.

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The New 2025 Infiniti QX50 interior features

As of 2025, the rear doors will feature keyless entry and LED lights for the door handles. To ensure that backseat passengers don’t run out of charge while on the road, Infiniti has included two USB-C connectors in the back.

Infiniti’s ProPilot Assist suite of driving aids will also be included in the 2025 QX50. For the first time, the system includes adaptive cruise control and lane centering. Both are helpful in reducing the tension that comes with highway driving. ProPilot Assist, on the other hand, requires you to retain your hands on the wheel, unlike Super Cruise or BlueCruise.

Price for 2025 Infiniti QX50

The New 2025 Infiniti QX50 exterior

As of this writing, the standard Pure front-wheel-drive model of the 2025 Infiniti QX50 has a starting price of $40,025 MSRP (including destination charges). We think the ProPilot Assist suite is worth the $1,000 premium over a comparable 2021 model. The QX50’s low price is one of its major advantages, so we advise against overspending. The QX50 Luxe is our favorite trim. At $43,375, it’s one of the most expensive cars on the market, but it’s worth every penny.

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