Everything You Need To Know About 2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross – The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, which was once known as an agile compact sports car, now competes in the most demanding section of the market, and after last year’s upgrade, we are confident that the 2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will remain unchanged. To refresh your memory, the most recent update included new aesthetics as well as a new interior design, which included a drastically changed dashboard. All of these improvements should keep the vehicle competitive in the next years until it gets a thorough makeover. This compact crossover has a few of appealing features. The Eclipse Cross is a cost-effective and simple-to-drive vehicle. The huge and supportive seats make it extremely comfortable on the highway. In addition, the infotainment system is quick and simple to operate.

2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Although many people referred to the recent upgrade as a complete redesign, it was more of a major facelift. This model is still based on Mitsubishi’s old GS chassis, and we believe the ride isn’t as polished as a modern small crossover should be. Simply said, most competitors are smoother in this regard. The current redesign, on the other hand, has introduced an entirely new style to the crossover, and no one can dispute that it is rather appealing. The front end now has smaller headlights and a more aggressive bumper design, while the back end has new design elements as well. Given all of this, we’re confident that the 2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross won’t introduce any significant alterations, though anything can happen.

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2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Interior and Features

A couple of changes were made to the inside as part of the current update. On the dashboard, we noticed a few interesting new features, particularly in the center section, which boasts a larger touchscreen and a new infotainment system. However, the majority of the interior stayed unchanged, so we can say the same thing we said about the pre-facelifted model: the cabin appears to be a little antiquated when compared to competitors. Simply put, the dash isn’t as pleasant as one might think, and we don’t care for the materials, which are largely hard to touch.When it comes to passenger space, the front seats are enormous and comfortable, with plenty of room for people. Legroom is plentiful in the second row.

2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Interior

It is always possible to add new items to the list of standard equipment, but we are certain that the majority of the items will remain the same. As a result, basic features like as automatic climate control, a 7-inch touch screen, a four-speaker stereo, HD Radio, a USB port, and Bluetooth should be included in base models. Dual-zone climate control, a panoramic sunroof, an 8-inch touch screen, navigation, a six- or eight-speaker audio system, satellite radio, more USB connections, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and other features are available as options. All models should have a rearview camera, lane departure warning, pedestrian recognition, front collision warning, and automatic emergency braking as standard equipment. Upgrades such as parking sensors and lane change assist should be included in higher trim levels.

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2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Engines

There is only one engine available in the present model. The turbo-four engine produces 152 horsepower, which won’t blow you away but will provide for a comfortable ride. The engine has reasonable characteristics, is quiet, and provides adequate fuel efficiency, averaging around 26 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway, which is quite respectable for the sector. However, the fact that it comes with a CVT transmission is a significant disadvantage.

2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Engines

Many speculate that the 2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will include a new powertrain choice. That could be a plug-in hybrid version, but other reports suggest a high-performance version called the Eclipse Cross Evolution.

2025 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Release Date and Price

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2025 isn’t expected to arrive until the fourth quarter of the year. The present model costs roughly $24,500, and we don’t expect a higher price hike in the coming year. Models such as the Jeep Compass and the GMC Terrain might be contenders.

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