Everything You Need to Know About 2025 Lexus LQ

2025 Lexus LQ – It’s been a while since Lexus announced the coming of the all-new LQ model, but it appears that this crossover will arrive by the end of the year. Lexus intends to go even more upscale with this new flagship vehicle, offering a level of luxury and style that we haven’t seen from the company before. The vehicle’s aesthetics appear to be the most intriguing component at this time, but we’re confident that this won’t be the only feature of the 2025 Lexus LQ.

2025 Lexus LQ.

The new crossover is poised to offer a lot more, and one of the first things that comes to mind is the powertrain lineup. This model will be available with both hybrid and traditional gasoline engines, as well as a large battery pack.

2025 Lexus LQ Design

The style of the 2025 Lexus LQ is the most exciting aspect at this time. We know what to expect from the next flagship crossover, even though we haven’t seen the prototype yet. Of course, we’re talking about the style, which is very similar to the LF-1 Limitless idea from a few years back. We expect the production model to deliver the same level of excitement, which will necessitate the deployment of the majority of the concept’s design solutions.

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2025 Lexus LQ Design

We expect the next edition of the brand’s well-known spindle grille to be the main attraction on the front end. The sleek design and extended hood, along with a sloping roof and couple-like layout, should pique your interest.


The inside, on the other hand, is unlikely to resemble the LF-1 concept, which featured a very futuristic design. Instead, we anticipate that the Japanese firm will adhere to its tried-and-true formula. In other words, we can rely on Lexus’ standard design approach, which consists primarily of conservative design ideas that place a premium on materials and build quality. Of course, we anticipate a slew of new tech features, including a new infotainment system that will replace the existing Lexus vehicles’ cumbersome touchpad device.

2025 Lexus LQ Interior

Of course, we have high expectations for this model in terms of comfort. Despite its full-size proportions, the Lexus LQ 2025 will most likely just have two rows of seats (though we can’t rule out the possibility).

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2025 Lexus LQ Powertrain

This element has the potential to bring a lot of intriguing information to the table. At this stage, we’re confident that the hybrid version will be the best deal. We believe the 2025 Lexus LQ will have the same powertrain as the new Toyota Tundra, which produces 437 horsepower and 589 pound-feet of torque. Of course, this model would most likely have a bit more power. A 10-speed automatic transmission is included with the system.

2025 Lexus LQ Powertrain

Base models, on the other hand, will almost certainly come with a gasoline engine. The V6 engine, which produces 409 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque, is the same one that drives the new LX. This engine is also available in a pair.

2025 Lexus LQ Release Date and Price

The Lexus LQ 2025 is expected to join the market in the fourth quarter of this year, or possibly in the first half of 2025. The starting price is expected to be around $80.000, with Mercedes-Benz GLS, BMW X7, and other models serving as main competitors.

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