Everything You Need To Know About 2025 Honda Prologue

2025 Honda Prologue – Honda, a firm known for producing some of the world’s best internal-combustion engines, has finally acknowledged that the automobile market is changing. The era of gasoline engines is coming to an end, and the reason for this is primarily due to electrification. As a result, the Japanese automaker is preparing the first of many electric vehicles for the American market. According to what we know so far, the new vehicle will be called the Honda Prologue 2025. This will be the first chapter in the company’s electrification process, as the name implies. After the initial Prologue is out, it is planned to move at a considerably faster pace. By 2030, the business plans 40% of its lineup to be all-electric, according to company officials.

2025 Honda Prologue

Honda is one of the few automotive companies that does everything on its own. This will soon change, since General Motors’ technology will be used in the forthcoming electric versions. The new relationship is mostly focused on technical solutions, with the Honda Prologue 2025 set to be the first vehicle to ride on GM’s platform and utilize its batteries and electric motors. As you might expect, we’re talking about GM’s new electric vehicle architecture, known as Ultium. This platform is extremely adaptable, and it can accommodate a wide range of battery capacities. In this situation, we anticipate that most components will be the same as those found in the future Cadillac Lyriq 2025.

2025 Honda Prologue Powertrain and Battery

The new 2025 Honda Prologue will feature GM technology, which largely pertains to the drivetrain and battery, as we just stated. Because the new Ultium technology allows for the use of multiple battery capacities, the setup options are vast. Still, we assume the battery will be the same as the one used in the Lyriq, which will be equipped with a 100-kWh battery pack. This would give the vehicle a maximum range of at least 300 miles. Of course, a variety of charging modes, including fast charging, will be available.

2025 Honda Prologue Powertrain and Battery

On the other hand, information on electric motors is still scarce. Base models are expected to have a single electric motor installed on the rear axle. AWD variants should be available as well.

2025 Honda Prologue Exterior and Interior

For the time being, some characteristics of the 2025 Honda Prologue remain a secret. The only thing we know for sure is that Honda will be responsible for certain parts of the vehicle. While the mechanics will be GM employees, the remainder of the vehicle will be designed by Honda engineers.

2025 Honda Prologue Eterior

The most common body design in today’s automotive market is the SUV, thus we expect to see a normal SUV layout. The next model will most likely be a compact crossover, however mid-size proportions aren’t out of the question.

2025 Honda Prologue Interior

In any event, we expect completely fresh aesthetics, which will serve as the foundation for Honda’s new design language, which will be applied to future EV vehicles. The inside is a complete disaster.

2025 Honda Prologue Release Date and Price

The Honda Prologue 2025 is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2025 or the first quarter of 2025, according to our estimates. Some sources suggest a starting price of roughly 45.000 dollars, but we believe it is still too early to speculate on such matters.